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Private Jets

Private Jet Aircraft Types ready to fly at discount prices on 4 hours notice.

The aircrafts shown below are representative models within their respective classes. Blue Star Jets has access to over 4,000 private jet aircraft worldwide. For a full list of currently available airplanes, please contact our charter experts.
All flights are operated by Part 135 carriers. Operators providing service for Blue Star Jets clients must meet standards set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for safety, security and service.


Private Helicopters

Quick on and off the ground and agile in the air, helicopters are a versatile air travel option that allows ultimate accessibility. Capacity to hold 4-6 passengers, averaging cruising speed of 150-194 mph and average nonstop range of 450-591 miles.


Agusta 109c Agusta 109C

bell jet ranger Bell Jet Ranger

bell long ranger Bell Long Ranger

Bell 430 Bell 430

md 902 MD 902

Sikorsky Sikorsky


Private Turbo Props

The lightest aircraft aloft combines the use of twin propellers powered by turbine engines to fly. With a conservative use of fuel, the turbo prop is the most cost-efficient aircraft for short-service flights. Ideal for short to mid-range flights. Typical capacity is 6-8 passengers, average cruising speed of 280-315 mph and average nonstop range of just over 1,000 miles. We also have access to other turbo prop aircraft which carry 12-29 passengers.

light jet

king air c90b Cessna Caravan

king air b200 King Air C90B

king air b200 King Air B200

king air 350 King Air 350

Piaggio Avanti Piaggio Avanti

Pilatus Pilatus

Very Light Private Jets

The least expensive way to travel in a jet, is on a Very Light Jet (VLJ) that offer a high speed alternative for short flights using pressurized cabins and flying at higher altitudes than turbo-props. A smooth ride, with the luxury of a quiet engine making it the most economical choice for short trips. These VLJ Aircraft accommodate 4 passengers, cruising at speeds of about 400 mph, having an average nonstop range of about 1,000 miles.

light jet

Citation Mustang Citation Mustang

Eclipse 500 Eclipse 500

Embraer Phenom 100 Embraer Phenom 100

Embraer Legacy 300 Embraer Legacy 300

Light Private Jets

A sleek entrance into the jet class, light jets feature pressurized cabins and can fly at higher altitudes than their turbo-prop counterparts. A smooth ride, with the luxury of a quiet engine. Most economical choice for short to mid-range trips. Capacity to carry 5-8 passengers, at an average cruising speed of 400-560 mph and an average nonstop range of 1,500 miles.

light jet

beech jet 400a Beech Jet 400A

citation CJ1 Citation CJ1

citation cj2 Citation CJ2

citation bravo Citation Bravo

citation 5 Citation V

citation encore Citation Encore

citation ultra Citation Ultra

falcon 10 Falcon 10

Hawker 400XP Hawker 400XP

learjet 31a Learjet 31A/35

learjet 45 Learjet 45

raytheon premier 1 Raytheon Premier 1

westwind 1 Westwind I

Medium Private Jets

The most versatile aircraft of the fleet, with the comfort of larger aircraft and the agility of smaller models, the medium jet offers a best-in-class experience. Capacity to carry 7-9 passengers at an average cruising speed of 510-590 mph and average nonstop range of 2,100 miles.

medium jet

astra 100 Astra 100

citation 3 Citation III

citation 7 Citation VII

citation excel Citation Excel

citation sovereign Citation Sovereign

falcon 20 Falcon 20/200

Gulfstream 100 Gulfstream 100

Hawker 750XP/850XP Hawker 750XP/850XP

Hawker 800XP/900XP Hawker 800XP/900XP

learjet 45 Learjet 60

westwind 2 Westwind II

Super Medium Private Jets

A masterful aircraft for executive travel, specifically for longer-range flights. A step up from the mid-size allows more space and fuel capacity. Capacity to carry 8-10 passengers at an average cruising speed of 490-590 mph and average nonstop range of 3,400-3,600 miles.

super medium jet

challenger 300 Challenger 300

Citation X Citation X

falcon 50 Falcon 50

falcon 2000 Falcon 2000

gulfstream 150 Gulfstream 150

gulfstream 200 Gulfstream 200

hawker 1000 Hawker 1000

Heavy Private Jets

With impressive cruising speed and cabin space, heavy jets embody optimum performance. The largest size aircraft that doesn’t require a major airport runway, while still covering long distances. Capacity to carry 9-15 passengers at an average cruising speed of 500-560 mph and average nonstop range of 4,000 miles. We also have access to Boeing Business Jets to carry 15-23 passengers.

heavy jet

challenger 601 Challenger 601

bombardier challenger 604 Challenger 604

Embraer Legacy 600 Embraer Legacy 600

falcon 900 Falcon 900

Global 5000 Global 5000

Global Express Global Express

gulfstream 3 Gulfstream III

gulfstream 4 Gulfstream IV/IVSP

gulfstream 5 Gulfstream V/550


Jumbo Private Jets

More commonly known as a commercial airliner, this aircraft class, available through Blue Star Jets, is anything but. Traveling at higher speeds with a greater range, the jumbo jet can fly the globe delivering any entourage to any destination. Whether it’s a sports team or a rock tour, this member of the fleet can be configured for executive, coach or even private travel with bedrooms and other amenities you can think of.

jumbo jet

Airbus Airbus

Boeing Business Jet Boeing Business Jet

Boeing 727 Boeing 727

Boeing 737 Boeing 737

Boeing 747 Boeing 747

Boeing 757 Boeing 757

Boeing 767 Boeing 767

dornier Dornier

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