24/7/365 Concierge Private Charter Flight Security Services

Call Ricky Sitomer at 212-446-9037 or email for Personal Security Services

Full Concierge Security Services available on short notice

Blue Star Jets is the expert in both private air travel and now personal security services too. We arrange for complete personal security service to any destination Worldwide in order to continue to provide our clients the best available comprehensive service anywhere.

    Preferred Security Services Available:

  • * Personal Security Body Guard – Unarmed;
  • * Personal Security Body Guard – Armed
  • * Cargo Transportation Security – Supply Security personnel that will travel with cargo from secure point A to secure point B;
  • Special Services:

  • * Listening Device Detection and Removal;
  • * Residence Security Consulting;
  • * Home Threat Assessment;
  • * Person Threat Assessment;
  • * Workplace Threat Assessment;
  • * Corporate Risk Management;
  • * Covert Video Surveillance;
  • * Forensic Accounting;
  • * Bomb Detection and Disposal;
  • * Alarms / Cameras / Security Systems;

Blue Star Jets is the only complete Private Jets charter brokerage company you will ever need. All flights are operated by Part 135 carriers. Operators providing service for Blue Star Jets clients must meet standards set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). BSJ does not manage or operate aircrafts on behalf of our clients. We will assist our clients in finding the best operators for aircraft.