American Express Executive Travel
2010 Leading Edge Awards

Blue Star Jets is the 2010 Bronze Award winner.

It’s not easy to serve up excellence in the travel business.

In 2010, we honor the companies that still manage to deliver true value to customers. Travel companies face some serious challenges: The industry is rapidly changing, extremely price-sensitive and vulnerable to the whims of Mother Nature. Even so, many companies excel at offering products that customers consider a cut above the norm.

Sometimes these businesses outpace the competition because they invest in cutting-edge technology; sometimes a customer-centric culture shines through; and sometimes creative product development causes customers to take notice. Providing excellence in travel deserves recognition now more than ever, which is why Executive Travel has chosen to honor those companies that have distinguished themselves this year.

Blue Star Jets has been selected and honored as the 2010 Bronze Award winner in the category of:

Best Private Jet Service


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