How to Get from Manhattan to the Hamptons During Rush-Hour in Under an Hour in Comfort and Style?

New York, NY
May 04, 2011

The Fastest and Most Luxurious Way to Get from Manhattan, New York City to Any Surrounding Area Summer Vacation or Resort Spot while Avoiding Weekend Rush Hour Traffic is to Fly on a Private Charter Helicopter. A Private Helicopter Flight can Get You To-and-From Manhattan and the Hamptons in Under an Hour, as Compared to the 4+ Hours on the Long Island Expressway. For the Busy Executive or Celebrity the Savings of 3+ Hours Each Way for the Summer Weekend is Likely Worth Far More than the Cost of the Helicopter Charter, Especially when Booked on the Special 25 Hour Summer Discount Rate.

If you are Superman you just put on your cape and go, with the "comfort and style" part only achieved after picking the bugs out of your teeth and taking off your cape. The comfortable and stylish way for the rest of us is to charter a Private Helicopter from Blue Star Jets, with no Superman cape required. The service makes available luxury Helicopter flights on-demand for busy Manhattanites wanting to reach their weekend homes or vacation villas without having to fight the stressful and lengthy commuter traffic leaving New York City Friday afternoons and returning on Monday mornings. Flights take off from any of New York City's Heliports and land at one of many available Heliports in the Hamptons or elsewhere outside New York City.

Private Helicopter Charter users in recent years have used this service to fly in under an hour from Manhattan to the Hamptons, the Jersey Shore, Connecticut beaches or Upstate New York. Experienced private helicopter charter flyers have gotten the best deal by purchasing a series of flights, thus securing their departure and return flight times and heliport slots, not to mention getting big discounts by doing so. The most popular flights are from Manhattan to the Hamptons.

As Blue Star Jets expands its Helicopter Charter flights from New York City to any desired destination, busy executives find their summer weekends made far more relaxed, stress-free and convenient. Helicopter flights enable the busy executive to work the full week in their offices and still be able to enjoy the entire weekend with their families at the beach. Many executives take a mid-afternoon flight on Fridays to the Hamptons in time for dinner and Friday night activities with their families. They are able to spend a relaxed Sunday and commute back to the office Monday morning in time for the morning coffee and the next busy week of business.

Blue Star Jets, the Manhattan-based, 10 year industry leader, (named after the fictional Airline of Gordon Gekko in the original iconic blockbuster movie Wall Street) has created an entirely new industry of Private Charter Flights. Previously Private Helicopters were only available to the super-rich who could afford their own private helicopter with its limited flight-range, only useful for short flights.

Blue Star Jets created an entirely new service by identifying and making available to its clients the best prices available for private charter flights anywhere. Blue Star Jets makes this possible by working closely with operators everywhere to find the right airplane at the right location and thereby getting the best competitive deal possible on behalf of its clients, instead of a fixed contractual price set by any operator. Blue Star Jets is the One-Stop Aviation "Supermarket", offering any aircraft, from Turbo-Props to Helicopters, from Very Light Jets (VLJ) to Light Jets, from Medium Jets to Super-Medium Jets, from Heavy Jets to Jumbo Jets and everything in between. A single call to a Blue Star Jets private flight concierge will ensure the precise airplane most suitable for the trip and number of passengers is located and chartered at the most competitive price available anywhere.

Blue Star Jets has arranged over 100,000 private jet charter flights to-date for its many loyal customers, ranging from the elite in politics, industry, entertainment stars, sports celebrities and the well-healed individual traveler. As a result clients have used Private Charter Helicopter Flights for wedding parties, sporting events, family vacations and other special occasions, since such Private Flights are no longer only for the super rich, by Blue Star Jets having significantly lowered the price barrier.


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