Colorful Ambitions Paint Autumn's Promises

Hamptons.com Oct 2010

Catching a movie is just as good as live entertainment. But who would have thought an airline could spark a chart topping, box office hit? The 1980s hit movie, "Wall Street," tells the story of a scandal involving Bluestar Airlines - the company found itself caught in an asset-stripping scheme involving Gordon Gekko that was documented onto the big screen. Years later, Blue Star Jets took center stage and strived to correct any discrepancies. Success is earned. The company became the largest broker of private jets and helicopters in the world. Last weekends the film's sequel, "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" hit the big screen and it's only getting bigger from here. Directed by Oliver Stone, stars Michael Douglas and Shia Lebouf put on the performance of a lifetime.

Former Wall Street executives and masterminds behind Blue Star Jets, Todd Rome and Ricky Sitomer built a private jet empire. Through cost effective strategies, the two changed the airplane industry forever. They made one-way pricing more accessible to customers who prefer flying private, creating a new standard for the industry as a whole. The Share-A-Jet Exchange, a recently founded program, gives customers another opportunity to save money by flying privately. Innovating the industry is just one of their many talents aside from igniting the box office hit that reached the top last weekend.


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