Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps Features Blue Star Jets

Luxury Travel News - October 1, 2010

Before there was Blue Star Jets, the largest broker of private jets and helicopters in the world, there was Bluestar Airlines— the company made famous in the 80's cult classic movie, Wall Street.

While Bluestar Airlines was caught up in a Gordon Gekko asset-stripping scheme however, Blue Star Jets has been a corrective to the inefficiencies and greed that the original film came to symbolize. In the sequel, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, Director Oliver Stone again calls attention to a faltering financial industry…and this time, Blue Star Jets, not Bluestar Airlines, plays a part in this past weekend’s Box Office No. 1.

Former Wall Street executives themselves, when Blue Star Jets founders, Todd Rome and Ricky Sitomer, entered into the private jet industry they chose a name that paid homage to the 1987 film, but their vision was to make flying privately more cost effective. By creating the first "super broker" for the private jet industry, Rome and Sitomer made one-way pricing an industry standard and lowered the barrier to entry for a new category of private jet customer. Recently, Blue Star Jets founded the Share-A-Jet Exchange, which allows fliers another option to lower the cost of flying privately.

The Blue Star Jets business model grants clients access to over 4,000 world-class executive aircraft, helicopters, turboprop, and jumbo jets, available at only four hour's notice. Whether flying simultaneous trips, transcontinental flights, or short island hops, Blue Star Jets allows you to experience all the benefits of owning a private jet, without the pitfalls and costs associated with conventional and fractional ownership programs.

To learn more about Blue Star Jets and the Share-A-Jet Exchange, please visit www.bluestarjets.com / www.shareajet.com


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