Wall Street: Money never sleeps

"Money never sleeps," the popular 1987 film "Wall Street" is continued. That Wall Street traders will follow his release from prison work. The uniqueness of the film, in this case, the living, ie, the airlines, "Blue Star Airlines" bankruptcy of the company, imitate art deals with the original film was a fictional character fictitious name. In reality a company named “Blue Star Jets” was in fact started in 2001 by real-life businessmen Ricky Sitomer and Todd Rome. The movie “Wall Street” was a favorite of both Sitomer and Rome and was the reason for the naming of their new company, “Blue Star Jets” which charters private jets. During the filming of “Money Never Sleeps”, Oliver Stone in fact utilized the private jet charter services of “Blue Star Jets” to ferry the crew on more than 1 occasion from location to location. Usually art imitates life, in this instance it the reverse, a unique situation for sure that makes this movie an interesting one.


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